Academic Affairs/PTA Duty List

Duty DateNameDescriptionVolunteers
02-10-2018Chinese New Year Luncheon and Party SetupEvent set-up and clean-up (report to volunteer before lunch)(ZHOU, FANG) (Kim, William) (Tim Beddingfield) (Thuy Ly) (Erik Hellikson)
(Kong) (Yeung, Jacky) (-)
02-10-2018_Secret_MissionSecret Chinese New Year MissionPerform secret Chinese New Year Mission(test, dad)
02-11-2018Chinese New Year Luncheon and Party Assistant -- Exact Date: 2-10-18Event assistants (report to volunteer after lunch and stay for the entire performance)(Hart, Eric)
03-24-2018Tri Fold CompetitionAssist to set up class posters(Li, Eric) (Bragdon, Curtis)
04-14-2018Culture Day AssistantVolunteers need to help set up during the culture class and clean up after all(Chen, ShianChin) (Wu, Ping-Hui) (Kang, David) (Leung, Yu-Fai) (Dright Ho)
(Jeng-Jie Wang) (Bradburn, Chris) (Lo, Francis)
04-21-2018Word/Phrase Recognition Contest and CertificationVolunteers will be event judges. Only Chinese speaker with reading skills can sign up for this duty(Fields, Adam) (Jiang, Chen-Wee) (Liu, Tsailu) (Parnin, Chris) (Huang, Ruei)
(Mike Chiyu Chiu) (Fu, Yu) (Kenneth K. Huang) (Duquene, Joel) (HUANG WEN-CHING )
(Chen, Donny) (CHEN, JIE) (Sun, I-Lei) (Chien-An Chen) (Yuan, Luke)
(Altshuller, George) (Shyu, Michael) (Bowen, Ronnie) (Lau, Terence) (Lassiter, Charles)
(Chang-chi Hsieh) (Munk,) (Chen Yenmo)
04-28-2018Fundraising Lunch (Food)Provide bake sale items (volunteers drop off food and do not have to stay) (N/A) (Wintz, Dwaine) (Hung, Yung) (Ting, John) (Jackson, A)
(Chang, Albert) (See Min) (Wong, Jeen & Dominic) (Andrew) (Tan, Stephen)
(Lim, Phooi-Seng) (Oh, William) (Backhouse, Anthony) (Wilson, Brian) (Cole, Robert)
(Justin Hart) (Li, Frank) (Chen, Shih-Heng) (Chun-hong Chen) (Go Brian, Dr.)
04-29-2018Fundraising Lunch (setup & cleanup) - Exact Date 4-28-2018Event set-up and clean-up (volunteers need to stay for the entire event)(Ke Liang Chen) (Jong, Valerie) (Li, Hui)
05-12-2018End of year CeremonyAssistance to Academic Affairs in ceremony(Chou, Chingyao) (Haiti, Feng)
af_waitingacademic affairs waiting listThe waiting list is for staff use only. Please select a specific slot that is still available.No Volunteers Yet
pta_waitingpta waiting listThe waiting list is for staff use only. Please select a specific slot that is still available.(Lin, Yu-Min)