Academic Affairs/PTA Duty List

Duty DateNameDescriptionVolunteers
08-25-2018_craft_plannerDragon Boat Festival (Event 9/22/2018)Craft Planner - Plan one craft and procure the necessary materials.No Volunteers Yet
08-25-2018_food_cleanupDragon Boat Festival (Event 9/22/2018)Food Booth - Clean up/sell food afternoon shift.(Ayers, Richard) (Wu, Ping-Hui) (Nguyen, Quang) (Chang-chi Hsieh)
08-25-2018_food_setupDragon Boat Festival (Event 9/22/2018)Food Booth - Set up/sell food morning shift.(Saunders, Kevin) (Peter Mattei) (Jamie Huang) (Jeng-Jie Wang) (Bradburn, Chris)
08-25-2018_school_infoDragon Boat Festival (Event 9/22/2018)School Info Coordinator - Print and prepare school brochures/information sheets. Microsoft Office application skill is required.(Hung, Yung)
09-08-2018_school_directorySchool Directory (Event 12/01/2018)Directory Pickup and Distribution Coordinator - Pick up directories and coordinate distribution.(Tim Beddingfield)
09-15-2018_contest_coordinateDictionary and Translation Contest (Event 9/29/2018)Contest Coordinator - Collect applications and create spreadsheet. Microsoft Office application skill is required.(Chang, Wei-Tang)
09-29-2018_contest_monitorDictionary and Translation Contest (Event 9/29/18)Volunteers - Monitor students during contest. Volunteers have to be fluent in Chinese.(HUANG WEN-CHING ) (Haiti, Feng)
10-06-2018_story_coordinateStory Telling Contest (Event 10/20/18)Volunteer Coordinator - Create C and CC track spreadsheets based on rosters. Microsoft Office application skill is required.(Jong, Valerie)
10-20-2018_story_checkinStory Telling Contest (Event 10/20/18)Contest Coordinator - Check in volunteers and explain rules to other volunteers.(Li, Eric)
10-20-2018_story_copierStory Telling Contest (Event 10/20/18)Copier - Make copies of score cards throughout the contest for judges as needed.(Wilson, Brian) (Lau, Terence)
10-20-2018_story_judgeStory Telling Contest (Event 10/20/18)Contest Judge - Judge story telling contest. Volunteers have to be fluent in Chinese.(Fields, Adam) (Jiang, Chen-Wee) (Liu, Tsailu) (Parnin, Chris) (Kasey, Christian)
(Mike Chiyu Chiu) (Chen, ShianChin) (Ke Liang Chen) (chou,chih-cheng) (Kenneth K. Huang)
(Jackson, A) (Yueh,) (Chen, Donny) (CHEN, JIE) (Sun, I-Lei)
(Kang, David) (Hung,Sheng-Che) (Shyu, Michael) (Ling-Chieh Tsai) (Yeung,)
(Julian Shen ) (Chen Yenmo) (Fan, Jack) (Bottarelli,Alessandro)
10-27-2018_fund_foodPTA Fundraising (Event 10/27/18)Event Volunteer - Provide food for sale. Volunteers do not need to stay once the food is dropped off.(ZHOU, FANG) (Ting, John) (Chang, Albert) (Brian) (Wong, Jeen & Dominic)
(Lim, Phooi-Seng) (Oh, William) (Sui) (Wredberg, Justin) (Chen, Shih-Heng)
(Go Brian, Dr.)
10-27-2018_fund_setupPTA Fundraising (Event 10/27/18)Event Volunteer - Set-up, sell, clean-up, & perform cashier duty. Volunteers need to stay for the entire event.(Shih, Yen-Yu Ian) (Steven) (See Min) (Tan, Stephen) (Thanh Lam)
(Chien-An Chen) (Bragdon, Curtis) (Jamie Huang) (Au Yeung, Andy) (Lassiter, Charles)
(Hart, Eric)
11-17-2018_new_yearChinese New Year Celebration (Event around Feb 2019)Performance Coordinator - Coordinate with teachers on performance title and collect necessary music or material. PTA will assign each volunteer a group of classes.(Fays, Michael) (Duquene, Joel) (song, Allen) (Li, Frank)
waitingWaiting ListThe waiting list is for staff use only. Please select a specific slot that is still available.(Lamm, Kevin) (Su,) (Lo, Francis)